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- Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - 

Judith Atelier is situated in Wolseley (Witzenberg area) a very small community with very poor rural areas, with so many people that do not have the access to facial masks or a plate of food on a daily basis during this Civid19 crisis. Especially many children and the elderly. During lockdown I have teamed up with a few women within our small town to start a community project and to produce masks for those in need which we hand it out at soup kitchens throughout town and rural areas. 


I saw this crisis as a wonderful opportunity to take the time to share love and care towards to my community as I always felt the need of giving more towards the locals in town I know who are less fortunate than I am.

The Witzenberg area has the second highest number of Covid19 cases within the Western Cape and the public are in a great need of facial masks not even to mention the amount of hungry citizens.


When starting producing masks I haven’t even thought about that this was a wonderful opportunity to raise funds which can be used in superb ways towards intensely poor locals.


All monies received from masks being sold as well as donations are being used to buy food for extremely poor households.

I absolutely love to be part of the community in such caring way.

To experience hearts filled with joy and tearful eyes steaming of gratefulness which is mostly the reason why I will keep on giving back and use our “Mask With a Purpose” fund to provide and care as much as I possibly can. We will also continue producing facial masks to hand out to those in need.


All incomings from masks being sold will be added to our

“mask with a purpose” fund, used to support and supply poor households within our town, as this crisis will continue for quite a while, longer than we expected which makes it even more relevant to love and care for each other during these times.


All Masks are available on our Online Store to purchase

excluding VAT & Shipment fees.


I believe that happiness comes from combining what we love to do with something that is meaningful, be the change you want to see in the world ...

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