About  the  Brand

- A customized experience, bespoke perfection with personal attention -

Judith-Atelier is a high end women’s wear & couture designer label in South Africa, situated between the Ceres Mountains in the Western Cape near Cape Town, found in 2014 and owned by Designer Judith Smit.


The name for the Judith Atelier brand was inspired by my grandmother, Judith, and it is also the name I inherited from her, which adds sentiment and a lovely memory of her. 

As a fashion designer I found joy and pride in empowering women, my lovely machinists in the studio as well as our clients. I don’t really follow trends when creating a new collection; I see trends as a framework and guideline, to make the rest my own authentic style. 

To be the best possible version of myself is my motto in life and that goes through to my design style, construction and people skills in the business and personal life.



Judith Atelier are celebrating their 6th year in business this year.

“We are stronger than ever and have grown into a trustworthy, consistent and professional South African brand. Serving our clients are one of our biggest joy’s and focal points in business.”

We aim and live by authentic, newly inspired and unique quality garments dressing strong, confident women. The label enhances femininity throughout special attention to fabric, the female form and specific details, high quality and innovative bespoke designer clothing with the freedom to express their creativity throughout our garments. 

Story’s of our beloved country, everyday people, photography, nature, landscapes and textures are our main influences and inspirations when building a collection.


“I believe each and every one of our clients are so different and beautiful in their own way and what I’d like for them to experience when it comes to their emotions, self being and feelings is to identify themselves with being expressive, strong and confident...

|  M e e t   the   T e a m  |
Our Studio are filled with Local Empowered Women, all with big hearts and so much passion for what they do and create each day.
Each one of them have been part of the Judith Atelier Brand since day one , creating and building something they are proud of.