S H O P  N O W

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SS 21/22



Spring Summer 22



Nicolene Richards

“Crafted with meticulous care to detail and design. One of very few South African designers of note!”

Yanga Athandwe Dyan

“Attires that make one not just feel but look like a Queen too.
Keep up the good work”

Sameera Hamid

“When I left the show I was in love with Judith Atelier. Her designs are amazing. This was the BEST I HAD SEEN IN A WHILE I. I WAS IN LOVE. FACT. Moving forward I knew what I needed done for Eid. I wanted sophisticated beauty, not too much not too little. Judith understood absolutely ALL MY NEEDS VIA EMAIL. We communicated regarding fabrics and all I said was, ‘I trust your decision’. Best decision ever.”



Elna Rood

       "The dress has arrived and I'm in the clouds !

 It fits perfectly and it looks like I fitted it during the manufacuring process. I'm 1.73cm tall and I'm always worried about the length, but that's exactly right. Thank you very, very much!!!

Thank you also for being so punctual and faithful to the correspondence. It says a lot about you and your business.May you go from strength to strength."


Big Bad Wolf (South African Blogger)

"I had never known of Judith Atelier before but the moment the models strutted her collection Down the runway I knew I found a fashioned-spirit in Judith. Yet another powerful, generous, female designer on this list, Judith empowers local women by tapping into their master skills to create desirable garments for women WHO want to reflect confidence and femininity."


People Magazine SA

"Judith Atelier has always been the designer that is extremely smart when it comes to manipulating delicate fabrics. Their collections are feminine and have a luxurious feel. We love the texture that flows through each collection. All her pieces were made in such a unique way and compliments the woman figure."



Nataal Media

"Judith Atelier by Judith Smit proved to be one of the highlights of SAFW with her idea of a timeless wardrobe. Her clothes are beautifully constructed and shaped with captivating artistic characteristics. It is clear that some of her inspiration were drawn from herself."